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Science Circle – Special 10,000 Edition

Science Circle – Special 10,000 Edition

The Science on Google+: A Public Database page recently crossed the 10,000 followers mark! Thanks for all of your support! To celebrate, we have put together a special circle for you. We went through all of the active profiles in the database ( and selected those individuals who have graduate training or a graduate degree. Fasten your seat belts- you will learn a lot from the people in this circle!

Please help spread the love of SCIENCE by sharing this circle with your followers.

Disclaimer: We apologize in advance if you do have graduate training and we missed you. Please let us know by filling out this form:



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  1. Chad Haney – even though I’m from OSU? 🙂

    I have an idea for the next set of shared circles. My guess is that chatting in the comment section of a shared circle will: (a) keep the shared circle in what’s hot for a longer duration (and higher up on the list) and (b) get more shares because it will constantly move to the top of the stream with every comment.


  2. Yes Chris Robinson I was thinking that was your developing plan when you asked (very useful) questions above within this thread and was impressed at the potentially ingenious effective use of comments to extend the promotion in What’s Hot.  …. There are still many within the circle of 461 who have not reshared, yet….


  3. I was watching the HOA on my way to Costco. I had to make an important decision, Costco or Rajini Rao. Sorry Rajini Rao. 🙂

    Kenneth Read – I like the idea of using events to notify everyone about an upcoming shared circle, especially for large circles where you cannot notify everyone in a single post. We’ll see what the final circle share count is, but I definitely overestimated!


  4. I can’t compete with Costco for value, Chris Robinson 😉

    The events notification worked out perfectly, good idea.

    Re. staying on What’s Hot, I’ve been informed that there is some curating going on which explains why some posts with plenty of +1/shares per unit time don’t get on while others with fewer likes and shares do. So commenting will help, but there’s some randomness to the process as well.


  5. I wonder if it would be a good idea to combine circle shares with a discussion (relevant to the circle). I tried to start up a discussion on this post but I was on my phone and shopping for Halloween costumes.  


  6. Liz Krane Chris Robinson Absolutely. I am here to help as much as possible. So happy to see Science on Google+: A Public Database growing is such a flourishing and tight nit science community on here. Happy Monday! 


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