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Anyone interested in discussing these issues in a Hangout On Air?

Anyone interested in discussing these issues in a Hangout On Air? Comment below if you would like to participate in the discussion.

See for more detailed responses? 

h/t to Olga Garcia 

Originally shared by Houston Press


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  1. Well, on one there – Romney says it isn’t governments job to manage the internet yet he has proposed a lock on all computers barring porn.  Oh, I see, he isn’t managing the internet, just all the computers in this country hooked up  to it.  Gack


  2. most of romneys support would like to get rid of evolution in schools, I wonder what that bodes for science? if the republican congress members are any indication, I sincerely hope no one believes a word he says about advancing science in America. After all, we know he’s said he doesn’t like to be dictated by facts, they’re not his forte.


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