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Google+ Science Board

Google+ Science Board

Young scientists often have to make important decisions (e.g., postdoc?, leave academia?, etc.). Jerry Nguyen is building a community (e.g., mentoring/support group) for people in academic research who are involved in important career decisions. Make sure you read Jerry Nguyen‘s comment below. Thanks for posting on the Science Board, Jerry Nguyen. 

Feel free to post your questions, announcements,  job ads, events, hangouts, etc. on the Science Board (see for details).

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Originally shared by Jerry Nguyen

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This is the early seed circle for the “Leaving Academia” circle. The goal of this circle is to create a mentoring/support group for all people in academic research who are involved in career decisions. Currently in this circle:

Academic professors who are mentoring postdocs and grad students

Post-doctoral researchers

Graduate Students

PhDs and MAs who have left academia for careers in industry, reporting, and consulting

Please share this circle if you can. I’ll try my best to grow this into an active community, but I need your help to spread the word to your corners of the internet. The more folks that we can include in the discussions, the better!

If you do share (thank you!), please instruct people to comment on the original thread so that I can consolidate any new additions to the circle!


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Science on Google+: A Public Database! If you are interested in joining this circle, please comment on this post! I do use the “Notify of post” when I make posts with the #leavingacademia  tag. I try to keep that down to a minimum to reduce spam, but things have been flying hot and heavy this last week. 🙂


  2. Jerry Nguyen : I would be more than happy to help. I have managed an industrial research group for several years now and have a good perspective on the challenges of leaving academia for an industrial setting.


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