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Google+ Science Board

Google+ Science Board

Postdoc position available: Genomic Variation Discovery through Visual Analytics at University of Leuven (Belgium). Thanks for posting on the Google+ Science Board, Jan Aerts! 

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Originally shared by Jan Aerts

Please RT – Postdoc position available: Genomic Variation Discovery through Visual Analytics

The candidate will be a key player in the SymBioSys workpackage that focuses on genomic variation detection based on next-generation sequencing data (454, Illumina, PacBio) using a visual analytics approach (i.e. combining machine learning with interactive data visualization). This includes applying and improving existing algorithms and tools for the detection of structural genomic variation (insertions, deletions, inversions and translocations), as well as developing interactive data visualizations in order to investigate parameter space of these algorithms. These methods will be applied to specific genetic disorders in day-to-day collaboration with the human geneticists within the consortium.


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