Would you like to ask the science community a question?

Would you like to ask the science community a question? Do you want help building or sharing a specialized science circle? Would you like to establish new collaborations or let people know about upcoming events? Post your events, questions, hangouts, circles, and ads publicly on Google+ and then post the link on the Science Board. 

Post your announcement here: http://goo.gl/z1uxU

Search the Science Board by clicking on the following links:

* All Posts Sorted by Time http://goo.gl/5Pdd5

* Ask a Question http://goo.gl/oXBRi

* Build/Share Circles http://goo.gl/5jbGQ

* Collaborations http://goo.gl/yt1kI

* Conferences http://goo.gl/f97t4

* Events (Single) http://goo.gl/gnKlc

* Events (Reoccurring) http://goo.gl/D8zq6

* Hangouts http://goo.gl/ia5BR

* Job Ads http://goo.gl/Iq74c

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  1. Nic Hammond – people who are interested in a ScienceEd circle have no easy way to get a hold of you (i.e., they will all have to send you direct notifications). Can you post your question publicly on G+ and I will add a link to your post on the board (that way people who are interested can quickly comment on the same post)?


  2. Science on Google+: A Public Database There used to be a limit to the number of rows in a google docs spreadsheet. Has that been fixed by Google so you’ll have plenty of room for all the posts?


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