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Google+ Science Bulletin Board

Google+ Science Bulletin Board

Science on Google+: A Public Database is getting ready to launch a Science Bulletin Board so everyone can post announcements to the science community. Before officially launching the Science Bulletin Board, we are looking for 10 Р20 people to post and view announcements on the board. Announcements may include: (1) asking a science question, (2) recruiting people for a specialized science circle, (3) letting people know about your specialized science circle, (4) looking to start a new collaboration, (5) posting dates/times of scientific conferences, (6) posting single or reoccurring science events, (7) science hangouts, (8) job ads, etc. Please comment below if you have an announcement that you would like to post to the science community.


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  1. Nic Hammond¬†– we don’t update the circles every time we get a new entry. You will be in two circles- chemistry circle and natural science circle. Scott Lewis¬†is curating those circles, and we will update those circles soon (maybe next week). You will receive a notification when we share the chemistry circle but the natural science circle is too large to send notifications.


  2. Emilio L. Cano Рyou should have access to the Science Board. Feel free to post your conference on the board. Bradley Okdie and Niles Johnson would probably be interested in following (or contributing to) an R circle if you decide to put one together.


  3. Great initiative: I would like to made 2 posts:

    1) Please follow Cellular Computing on G+
    “The use of synthetic biological systems in research, healthcare, and manufacturing often requires autonomous history-dependent behavior and therefore some form of engineered biological memory. For example, the study or reprogramming of aging, cancer, or development would benefit from genetically encoded counters capable of recording up to several hundred cell division or differentiation events. Although genetic material itself provides a natural data storage medium, tools that allow researchers to reliably and reversibly write information to DNA in vivo are lacking.” Jerome Bonnet, Pakpoom Subsoontorn, and Drew Endy, Rewritable digital data storage in live cells via engineered control of recombination directionality¬†¬†¬†

    Looking forward to discuss with you this topic on G+.

    2) Have a look at Leukipposa synthetic biology lab in the cloud. More information about this project can be found in my recent Nature blog

    I you are interested to collaborate on this project, please let me know.


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