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Searching for Active Science Pages

Searching for Active Science Pages

Science on Google+: A Public Database currently has 150 science pages in the database (see for a categorized list); however, there are many science pages on G+ that are not in the database. We would like to double this Science Page circle and share it this Sunday for   #sciencesunday ; however, we need your help. If you are curating a science page or know of an active science page that is not in the database (, please add it to the database by filling out this short form: We will take all of the active science pages, put them in this circle, and share it this Sunday. When you are done adding your favorite science pages, please share this post so we can reach our 300 page goal by Sunday.  Thanks!


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  1. A translated database seems a great idea, I believe that there are a lot of people that can be collaborating with translation… Whether that it’s the problem… But seems that the guy above wanted to say a page in Spanish… or similar thing… hehehe 


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