Science Circles Categorized by Discipline

Science Circles Categorized by Discipline

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  1. Energy is the potential to exert force, which changes how something moves. The atoms around us have kinetic energy, which means they are moving. They got their energy from being hit by other atoms, or being hit by photons (light).


  2. Your atom is inside out, but the names are right. Electrons orbit a nucleus which consists of protons and neutrons. Actually they don’t really orbit it, they sort of hang around it in a cloud. The electrons have fuck all energy, and keep losing it. Most of it comes from what I said before, getting hit by other things which already have energy. If you keep tracing it back to where that energy came from , most of the energy comes from stars, which are powered by fusion. More on stars:


  3. The main evidence is the rotation speed of galaxies. They should be rotating slower than they are. It’s also been observed in gravitational lensing: when there’s a clump of dark matter, it has enough gravity to bend light, so although it’s invisible, it distorts the background.


  4. I agree with you Gilberto Sanchez Ortiz but we are forced to categorize the group. In 5 weeks approximately 575 profiles/pages have been added to the database. Soon there will be 1000 and then 2000. Given the current limitation on shared circles (500), categories will have to become more specific over time.


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