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Are you looking for Science on Google+?

Originally shared by Chris Robinson

Are you looking for Science on Google+? Check out the most recent shared circles coming out of the Science on Google+: A Public Database page.


All Disciplines:





Computer Science:






Philosophy of Science:



Science Teachers:

Science Writers:


All Disciplines:


Biology and Neuroscience:

General Science:

Geology and Earth Science:


Psychology and Neuroscience:


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  1. Hi everyone. Here are a few quick thoughts. First, the database is relatively new and we are still working out some of the details. We like feedback. Second, the list above is data driven and shared circles and categories may change as new entries come in. For example, we originally created a sociology category but not a neuroscience category, and the shared circles listed (or not listed) above reflect the number of entries (e.g., a lot of neuroscience entries and very few sociology entries). Third, you have a much better chance at getting into shared circles if you can map your primary discipline onto an existing discipline. For example, Janet Pi, if you wanted to increase your chances of getting into shared circles, you may want to list your primary discipline as biology or computer science (assuming this maps onto your education experience) and list bioinformatics as your area of expertise/sub discipline. Jim Benson- you can suggest new categories on the feedback page (see about page for link). For example, right now people are discussing economics- is it really a science? In regards to the specificity of categories: (a) feel free to use the database to generate your own circles and (b) circles will become more specific as the database grows. For example, right now we have 36 psychology profiles. When this category grows, we will probably generate a large psychology circle but we will also generate more specific psychology circles (e.g., cognitive, developmental, etc.).


  2. Add my to “All disciplines” “ecology” “science writers”

    I just start to found a new science.

    What science integrates the knowledge from all ohter sciences and evaluates for a best possiblie survival of mankind?

    When You do not know the answer, the name of this science is

    ethics – the science of survival

    Here an outline about the basics of this science

    Here the list of my awards


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