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Philosophy of Science Circle

Philosophy of Science Circle

Click on the following link to view the profiles in this circle:

If you have a science related degree, you are a science journalist, you are a K-12 science teacher, or you curate a science page, then add your profile/page to the database ( Please note that you also have to circle Science on Google+: A Public Database if you would like to be considered for shared circles.

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  1. I saw this circle shared a month or more ago. Honestly, I thought we’d have addition by now. Isn’t this place just teeming with Philosophy of Science junkies and professionals?


  2. Being interested in and being a professional in philosophy of science isn’t the same thing. I think and read about it a lot, but I teach math, so I’m on the math list.


  3. Perhaps replace this circle with just a “Philosophy” circle… there’s plenty of scientist philosophers… phil/mind, cog sci, phil/cosmo, phil/bio, phil/chem, etc. I know (from my own circles) that there’s tons of them!


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