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General Science Circle (profiles only)

General Science Circle (profiles only)

Click on the following link to view the profiles in this circle:

If you have a science related degree, you are a science journalist, you are a K-12 science teacher, or you curate a science page, then add your profile/page to the database ( Please note that you also have to circle Science on Google+: A Public Database if you would like to be considered for shared circles.

View underlying database:

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  1. One thing I haven’t done is add myself, as Jacob Dix, to your database because I am only the curator of a science page. People circling me won’t get the science they will by circling my page. I’ve circled the page both as me and as my page, and look forward to more updates from you.


  2. Derya Unutmaz Cliff Harvey Amine Benaichouche Liz Krane Catherine Laplace-Builhe Ethan Siegel Sarah Kavassalis Laura Wheeler Alvin Remmers Mo Costandi Joerg Heber Terence Tao Sam Harris Henry Reich Emily Finke

    You guys regularly post really good stuff so perhaps you should join this circle? Many of you probably have a science degree or qualify as an expert, if that is the case, you should consider joining a field specific circle. >

    Pages that should prolly be included as well; NASA European Space Agency, ESA Nature News & Comment Nature Physics Nature Materials Action Potential (neuro@nature) Google Science Fair DARPA CMS Experiment

    Science on Google+: A Public Database, perhaps you should add yourself to this circle as well? The more it gets shared around, the more exposure this page/databse gets, the better off we will be.

    It would be nice if we could get those people to sign up as well. Most of these people are maintaining quality circles, if they could share this database with their circle it could bring in many experts and other science minded folks. Especially Thomas Ho, Eileen O’Duffy, Jon Hiller Ⓟaul Ⓢchuler, Lord Parker, David Wees & Liz Gross seem to have lots of science connections. Please, would you be so kind as to reshare this post > with your circle?


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